Investment Strategy

At Excelion Development Co. we are dedicated to seeking, recognizing and building low risk, high return investment opportunities in the International Real Estate markets. Our strategy lies in carefully valuating each prospective investment, and pursuing select opportunities that meet our specific standards of risk to return.

Benefiting from a wide range of economic and real estate market research, we identify and take advantage of market inefficiencies and mis-pricing, focusing primarily on opportunistic or value added strategies. We utilize established relationships with vendors and agents to source and secure investment opportunities at attractive pricing.

Bespoke financial solutions are applied to maximize returns and minimize risk, applying financial engineering where appropriate.

In addition to our wide network and infrastructure, a major advantage Excelion experiences is that investments are made globally, therefore giving us a competitive edge of being risk averse and relatively independent from a single market pressure.

Having a global infrastructure, we can execute our potential investments swiftly as well as maintain a close supervision of our investments. However, Excelion only ventures in markets where we have a strong grasp.

“While some see difficulty in every opportunity, at Excelion we see opportunity in every difficulty.”